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 Post subject: Norwegian-Canadian child taken in Norway
PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:23 am 
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Norwegian-Canadian child taken by the CPS (Barnevernet) in Norway

A video showing the police dragging a 12-year-old boy along was made by the Canadian mother, and has been circulating on facebook.

The mother shouted for help, thinking that Norwegian neighbours would interfere, and evidently thought it was an action the Norwegian police was not entitled to carry out, because the boy had done nothing criminal.

But dear Mrs Kristiansen, the CPS and society around you do not consider that children have any particular need for their parents, and YOU the parents have in CPS ideology done a lot of wrong by keeping the boy away from school; therefore, the CPS consider the boy will be a lot better off if he "gets away from you". Norwegian schools do not tackle bullying by doing something about the bullies, they "tackle" it by blaming the bullied child's parents.
    Why are you ignorant of this? You and your husband practically invite the CPS to confiscate your son, by your ignorance and your actions.

Homeschooled Twelve-Year-Old Tackled by Police in Norway
HSLDA on youtube, 14 February 2018

The articles will have it that the video has been removed, presumably from facebook, and equally probably under pressure from Norwegian officials to remove it. However, the HSLDA is a home schooling organisation, and they are the ones to have published it on youtube, which is a very good thing. Let's hope it stays there.

The Norwegian father has posted a long article on the web, explaining that the family had recently come to Norway and were here because he could not get a job in Canada. They had sent the boy to a school where he was being harassed by other children. They therefore took him out of the school and wanted to home-school him, temporarily, they say. The school had reported them to the CPS (Barnevernet), which resulted in the present action.

An article by Canadian television:
'A big state versus a poor family': Canadian's son forcibly removed in Norway
CTV News, 15 February 2018

"Speaking to by telephone from her home in As, Kristiansen explained that after weeks of telling Barnevernet, Norway's child protection agency, that she wanted to homeschool her son because he was being bullied at school, authorities arrived on her doorstep with an emergency order to remove Kai from the home and place him in foster care."

"Kristiansen says her interactions with Barnevarnet began the day her family arrived in Norway. After years of living in Newfoundland, where Kai was born, the family decided to move to her husband’s native Norway to find work and to be closer to Leif’s family.
    “We came here with nothing. And we met Barnevarnet the first day we arrived. They greeted us along with social services. And they haven’t left our side since,” she said."

The family have been in Norway for two years, and have been in contact with the CPS all that time? And talking about homeschooling for weeks? At least the mother seems completely ignorant of what the CPS regularly do, and she believes she as a parent can "tell Barnevernet" what the family wants to do. The parents should have informed themselves long ago about what the CPS will do. There is no cause at all to be surprised now.

There is now a new article out:

Parents surrender Canadian passports in Norway so son can come home
CTV News, 21 February 2018

The story is now that the parents just wanted the boy to change schools.

What is important, though, is that the parents have had to surrender their Canadian passports, explicitly to prevent them from leaving the country with the boy, and that the reporter believes the people who took the boy by force were CPS agents. No doubt there have been CPS workers on the spot, but of course the police always effectuate CPS decisions that may involve any kind of attempt at resistance. The police do not make any independent assessment of the case, they automatically carry out CPS decisions.

The mother repeats that it is all a misunderstanding:
“It was a complete misunderstanding and it was a bit extreme to go this far,” she said.

Go this far? For the CPS? Mrs Kristiansen and her husband need to wake up, start reading about the CPS, and communicate with other victims. They have been in communication with the CPS for two years without learning anything from CPS victims?

The info that the passports have been confiscated "until May 3" sounds ominous. Will there be a County Board case on 3 May, or what?


The case is a good example of the way the State is the real owner of children, Barnevernet deciding where they should go to school and trying all they can to prevent home schooling. Certainly home schooling does not sound like the best thing for a boy who is presumably going to live in Norway for a long time and whose mother does not master Norwegian. But this is beside the point.
    Wonder what the Kristiansen family will have put on them and their son in the way of restrictions on 3 May. That there should be nothing is extremely unlikely, but of course the system also works unpredictably; that is one of the ways they confuse people and keep their unlimited power.

When the Bodnariu family finally got their children back, it was only by agreeing to the CPS overseeing everything and "coordinating" all the future help they considered the family would need. The Bodnarius found the way the CPS then did this extremely stressful and totally destructive of family life (of course – it was still the CPS's intention to break the family down and get the children). The Bodnarius managed to get to Romania, and from there registered out of the Norwegian census register. The CPS then wanted/tried to mobilise Romanian CPS, were going to send them all the case documents and demand that Romanian CPS take charge of the family, since they had moved out of Norwegian CPS's clutches.


Terese Kristiansen says, in the first article: 'This would never happen in Canada'.


A large number of articles immediately turned up in a search with the words "Canada child protection criticism". Just a couple (chosen arbitrarily):

Secretive and often overzealous care agencies protect children largely at parents' expense
Child protection agencies have sweeping powers in Canada — powers that, in many aspects, span wider than police. Just as sweeping is the privacy under which they operate
National Post, 12 December 2014 / 24 January 2015

‘Totalitarian’: Ontario gov’t bill makes it easier to seize children from Christian homes, say critics
LifeSiteNews, 25 January 2017


Organisation for home schooling gets help to sue New York

Reference to 'alternative schooling and Norwegian authorities' negative view of it:
More discipline: Medicating schoolchildren in Norway

A collection of articles in different media, September 7, 2009 -- Updated June 5, 2016
The Domenic Johansson Case: Home schooled boy snatched from plane in Sweden

Lots articles in English about the Domenic case and home-schooling etc here:
En ny India-sak! Domenic Johansson mot Sverige (A new India case! Domenic Johansson versus Sweden)


 Post subject: Re: Norwegian-Canadian child taken in Norway
PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:54 pm 
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This article in Norwegian seems unduly optimistic that every interference will cease on 3 May. And as usual, the CPS are likely to "dislike" publishing, so their lawyer discourages it until the boy is back home? Well well, I wonder what it is like to work within a justice & social system which is that repressive, and go along with it?

Barnevernet Bøyer Av For Internasjonalt Press (The CPS gives in to International Pressure)
Barnefjern, 21 February 2018

Let us hope it is international pressure that has played a role.

"We are happy to announce that Kai is back in his home with his family. We are thrilled to see him again. We could not have done this without International support from others and helped make this happen for us. We are eternally grateful! Our lawyer advised us to only announce when Kai was home and not comment before. We had to consent to an agreement of which the terms are not complete until May 3rd ! This is an exhausting process, but anything to get Kai home. Leif Kristiansen Terese Kristiansen."

"... an agreement of which the terms are not complete until May 3rd"

So it is still uncertain what is happening. Nothing would be better than if the CPS letting the son come home already was caused by international pressure, but I'd like to see it before I quite believe it – and to see what happens further, before I believe than any CPS office in Norway will give in because of public opinion, especially not opinion abroad.



 Post subject: Re: Norwegian-Canadian child taken in Norway
PostPosted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 9:12 am 
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So the authorities are taking it a little step further by confiscating the family`s passports. I wonder where was such an agreement made? Who made it? And is such an agreement lawful?

"If you give your passports, we will give you your son back"?

If I have understood this correctly, such bargaining seems like blackmail to me. And I would be surprised if it does not violate some of the human rights that we are supposed to have in Norway.

But no one seems to care when basics of justice, freedom and democracy are thrown overboard in the authorities` attempts to take over children.

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